Monday, August 20, 2012

Superman in the Sixties (1999)

I don't think I've read a single Superman comic before this.  I've seen at least two of the old Christopher Reeve movies; re-runs of the George Reeve television show; loved the Superfriends as a kid; watched some old cartoons from the thirties and forties on DVD.  I know about the "Superman" curse. I listened to Fresh Air with Terry Gross when she interviewed Larry Tye, who has written a biography of  Superman.

So I decided I wanted to actually read some Superman comics, and while I'm glad I did, Superman in the Sixties was just plain weird.   I just have such a hard time with comics anyway, and superhero comics have never,ever been my favorite.  Even as a kid, I was more of a fan of Casper and Donald Duck and Archie.

I can't get past the idea of a "superman" anyway.  What's the point if he has no flaws and can do or create just about anything?

These Superman stories are just unbelievably crazy.  And some are lame and kind of pointless.  Although Superboy and Superman are really hot.

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